Support for Quarantine Students

This plan pertains to students who are assigned to a period of quarantine by the school.

We have found that majority of students who assigned to quarantine are able to return to the classroom within two days or less.  The process of notifying teachers of student quarantine and adding a student to the Q channels takes up to two school days.  To best support students during the first two days of quarantine IMS has developed the following plan. 

First two days of quarantine, students should work through following steps:

  • Check the Week/day at glance or calendar for each class in OneNote
  • Both students and parent/guardians have access to this OneNote for each class
  • Check each classes Teams site for classwork, assignments
  • Login to Skyward and check for missing assignments
  • Email your teachers if you have any questions about the information posted in the week/day at glance, class calendar, Teams site or missing assignments in teams. 

When quarantine extends beyond two school days students will be added to a Q channel for each class. 

  • Student and teacher will use this channel to communicate regarding classwork, help session and when to observe class virtually.
  • Virtual class observations will occur on through the Q channel, students will need to be on this channel at the appointed time to observe class instruction