Inglewood COVID Safety


COVID Safety at Inglewood Middle School

Inglewood Middle School complies fully with the LWSD COVID-19 Safety Plan. This COVID-19 Safety Plan outlines the LWSD comprehensive approach to protecting the health of all employees, students, and visitors to school campuses and support facilities. The LWSD COVID- 19 Safety Plan can he accessed at this link: COVID-19 Safety Plan - Lake Washington School District (

School-wide protocols

  • Masks / Face coverings: Masks / face coverings are required to be worn by students and staff at all times while indoors (except while eating / drinking), including inside the school building and while riding the school bus. If any student or staff member has a hardship providing their own approved mask / face covering, or if their mask / face covering breaks or is lost during a school day, one will be provided to them. Students are not required to wear their mask / face covering while outside of the building.
  • If student/staff exhibit symptoms and positive case response: If a student or staff member at Inglewood is exhibiting symptoms related to COVID, and/or is suspecting a positive case of COVID, and/or has received a positive test result for COVID, we utilize a Q-room (quarantine room) protocol for separating and quarantining that person from others. If a positive COVID test is confirmed a contact tracing protocol is used to identify all persons who were exposed to that person and all persons who were close contacts. Close contacts are considered to be individuals within 6 feet (2 meters) of a person with COVID-19 for a combined total of 15 minutes or more within a 24-hour period. All persons (students and their families, and staff members) identified as exposed contacts and close contacts will be notified and in the event of a positive case all staff and parents/families of the community will also be notified of the positive case.

Classroom Setup

  • Students are physical distanced at 3-feet, to the extent possible
  •  3 ft. distancing requirement should not prevent any school from offering full- time, in-person learning to all students in Fall of 2021
  •  We maximize opportunities to increase physical space between students and staff
  •  Students can use shared supplies in classrooms
  •  Examples: Math manipulatives, sports equipment, scissors, stapler, etc.
  •  Students use hand sanitizer before using the item
  •  If hand sanitizer is readily available and used often shared equipment does not need to be cleaned per each use
  •  Students can face each other in classroom seating arrangements
  •  Desks / work surface are cleaned and sanitized at the end of each school day


Support for students

  •  Vaccines are not required; student vaccination status is protected information.
  •  At present, we do not have an online option or concurrent instructional model for students that are quarantined at home.
  •  Inglewood plans to utilize an instructional assistant to collect homework and arrange for work to be picked up and returned.

Lunchroom and lunch procedure

  • Students will be distanced at 3 feet during lunch.
  • We have increased our lunchroom capacity by utilizing indoor and outdoor spaces to maximize physical distancing.
  • Students may remove their mask while eating and drinking indoors.
  • After eating/drinking students will be encouraged to spread out in library and outside spaces.


  • The Inglewood ventilation system maximizes outside air flow
  • Typical classrooms are provided with 7 air changes (of outside air) per hour
  • Inglewood utilizes MERV-10 filters that are changed on a regular schedule
  • All buildings flush air every morning and every evening
  • Air pressure: health rooms, main conference rooms, Q-room and bathrooms directly exhaust air to outside



  • Students are required to wear masks while riding the school bus.
  • Seating charts will be utilized on all school bus routes.
  • Windows will be opened (weather depending) to maximize flow of fresh air.

Support for staff

  • If a staff member receives a positive COVID test result: The staff member report positive test result to the Inglewood COVID Supervisor and Principal. Staff members works in district health services to determine safe date of return to work.
  • If a staff member is in need of a particular item of personal protective equipment (PPE): Staff members can request specific items of PPE through our school and district PPE Coordinators.