Inglewood “Check-in and Connect” Schedule 4-20-20 through June

Directions for Students on Using Teams Classrooms


Teachers and students meet once, either during Class Session A OR Class Session B
  •  Which session the class will be held in will be determined by the teacher, and communicated to students via email and post on Power School Learning
Block classes will be considered to take place during the period in which they start.
  •  Example a 1-2 LA/SS block would start during Period 1 and would continue as needed into period 2.
  •  Which class session (A or B) the class will be held in will be communicated by the teacher
The use of Office Hours is still being finalized.  We wanted to allow for a flexible time each week during which teachers were available to help students and parents as needed.  Watch for further communications regarding the use of this time.


Check-In and Connect Schedule