Counselors follow their student class for the 3 years the students are at Inglewood

Mr. Paul, Mrs. Summers, Mrs. Hesky, and Mrs. Coons

Information about Counselors at Inglewood

Counselors at Inglewood are available to support students with academic achievement, assist with post high school/career planning, and help with personal and social development. Students are able to stop by the counseling office any time to sign up to meet with their counselor. A few typical reasons that a student may meet with their counselor include:
  • Need assistance with a plan to improve their grades
  • Have a question or need assistance with their class schedule
  • Need help with a personal problem or are having a friendship challenge
  • Experience harassment or bullying- toward themselves or others (we have strict confidentiality protocols when students are reporting an issue of this nature)
  • Need financial assistance for school related items
  • Have any type of question or are facing an issue
  • Want to say hello and get acquainted.
Parents may want to contact the counselor when:
  • Want assistance with educational planning
    • Correct academic level placement, extra interventions and support
  • Want to discuss academic concerns across multiple classes
    • If only 1 or 2 classes are affected, contact the specific teachers directly
  • Need financial assistance
    • Free/reduced lunch, school supplies and fees, sports fees, College Bound scholarships
  • Have difficulties at home that may affect student learning
    • For example: death, divorce, change in living situation or finances
  • Need referrals for community resources
    • For example: child/family counseling, drug/alcohol counseling, tutoring services


Counselors Responsibilities 2017-18 School Year

Scott Paul

7th Grade D-Z

Renee Hesky

6th Grade A-B

7th Grade A-C

8th Grade A-B

Karyn Summers

8th Grade C-Z

Jackie Coons

6th Grade C-Z

Erica Maule

Registrar/ Counseling Secretary

INCOMING 5th Grade Parent Night

5th Grade Parent Night and Registration Presentations available on the Academics Page