ASB & Fun Run

ASB Membership

Every student at Inglewood Middle School is eligible to be a member of Associated Student Body (ASB) by purchasing an ASB card for $30.00 per school year. This entitles the holder to join the ASB clubs, participate on school sport teams / athletics, vote in all school elections and receive discounts on ASB functions and activities.
To pay for your ASB membership click here and you'll be taken to the online payments portal. For direction on the payments portal click here.

What is ASB?
ASB is a student government that represents the entire student body.  ASB funds are public money, generated by the students or in the name of the students, and may be used only for cultural, athletic, social or recreational purposes which are optional and non-credit. The ASB is run by ASB student officers, in close coordination with the school. 
Activities and programs include: 
  • School-wide cultural events and speakers 
  • Dances and Social Events 
  • Honor Society 
  • Student Clubs 
  • Athletics and Intermural sports 
  • Yearbook 
Money is raised by: 
  • Membership fees 
  • School Store 
  • T-Shirt and Sweatshirt Sales
  • Tickets sold for events and dances
  • Fun Run in the fall  
ASB Fund Balance Report
ASB funds are raised by and for students. These funds are used for optional, extracurricular events that are cultural, athletic, recreational or social. These funds are not available for graded student activities that are part of the school curriculum.

Questions? Email Mrs. Hubert

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Fun Run

Every year Inglewood ASB organizes a Fun Run to raise funds for their activities. Our Inglewood Fun Run will be held again in the fall next school year (2023-2024).
Questions? Email Mrs. Hubert

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