To report an absence, late arrival or early dismissal:
Please contact us prior to 8 AM with your student’s full name, date, reason for absence, and time of early dismissal if applicable.
You may either:
  1. Call and leave a message on the Safe Arrival Line – 425.936.2361 (available 24 hours) 
  2. Email 
  3. Have student bring a note to the main office before school to pick up an early release pass. 

Early dismissal must be arranged prior to absence. Requests for early dismissal must be made no later than one hour before you arrive at school.

Please note students will not be released early during the last 30 minutes of school. 

It is understandable that there are times a student must be released early for an appointment or an emergency with minimal advanced notice. In these instances, we ask that you please call the front office directly at 425.936.2360 as soon as possible.
Please keep in mind there are times during the school day when a pass cannot be delivered to your student, such as during lunch, assemblies and P.E. clothes changing time. Due to varying circumstances, it can take up to 15 minutes to retrieve a student from their classroom.
To report an extended absence:
Pre-arranged Absences More than 5 days
If you know that your student will miss school due to pre-planned travel lasting more than 5 days, please fill out the Pre-arranged Absence Form and email at least one week prior to the first day of the absence. 
Please ensure your child notifies the teachers to let them know about the absence. All Inglewood teachers use Microsoft Teams. Your child can keep up with homework assignments by checking Teams Assignments. Teachers are not required to provide modified assignments, nor are they required to provide a packet of assignments for a student to complete while on vacation. If you plan on making use of your child’s computer during vacation (computers are not supported out of the country), your student should refresh their password while at school prior to the vacation. Doing so will avoid expired password problems.
Pre-arranged Absence Less than 6 days
Please email and include your student’s full name, date of absence, and reason for absence at least one week prior to the first day of the absence. Please ensure you child notifies the teachers to let them know about the absence. 

Report an absence

Attendance Line: 425.936.2361
Email Attendance
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