Bus Information

Picture of a school bus

The district provides transportation only to those students living outside a one-mile radius, unless the district has reviewed walk routes and determined no safe walk routes are available. Within that boundary, our practice allows for elementary students to walk up to one and a half miles to school and middle and high school students to walk up to two miles. Students with walk distances that exceed these limits are eligible for bus service. These guidelines are used to establish all walk boundaries for the Lake Washington School District.

Riding the Bus

Bus route information is available in your family’s Skyward Family Access account and on the bus finder system. Parents will be contacted by the driver with route information for special needs students and preschoolers. Bus routes may change slightly as the year goes on.

Please use the School & Bus Finder below for current route information.

2022-2023 school bus finder

For more information on Transportation please visit the district website here.

Please note: middle school students need to ride their assigned bus and get off at their assigned stop - due to capacity challenges there are currently no bus passes available.


Inglewood Bus Parking Map

When you find your bus information on the bus finder system, you will see which bus your student will ride and which parking space the bus will park in on arrival and departure at Inglewood Middle School (see below).

Your student should be aware of these details in order to find the correct bus when leaving school.

Below is an example of the bus information and a picture of our bus parking - this student would ride on bus number 173, route 308, which parks in parking space M:

Picture of bus finder information
Picture of bus parking spaces