Inglewood Athletic COVID safety

This document comes from the LWSD COVID 19 Safety Plan which states: To comply with Washington State Department of Health, Lake Washington School District has developed a detailed plan for athletics and activities. Link to COVID 19 safety plan, see page 25 for Athletics.

All guidelines listed below pertain to our after-school athletics program only.  Physical education (PE classes) take during the school day will follow the school day COVID safety procedures. 

After school athletics – Indoors

  • All coaches and other support personnel involved with sporting activities must wear face coverings indoors regardless of vaccination status. 
  • Masks are not required for athletes while actively practicing or competing regardless of vaccination status.  We do encourage athletes to wear a face covering if they so choose, while actively participation or competing. 
    • In order for unvaccinated students to participate in basketball or wrestling, without a mask, they will need to complete two COVID tests per week at school.  Testing will be provided by school staff.   
  • Student athletes are required to wear a face covering when not actively participating (ie. Sitting on the team bench, team huddle, etc.)
  • Masking is required universally for all spectators attending indoor K-12 sporting activities, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Physical distancing should be practiced to the degree possible when not playing.


After school athletics – Outdoors

  • Masks are not required for outdoor sports of any contact level.  We do encourage athletes to wear a face covering if they so choose, when outside. 
  • Physical distancing should be practiced to the degree possible when not playing.



·         Universal masking is required on buses regardless of vaccination status.

·         When traveling on buses for athletic competitions, students will be seated in cohorts. 

·         Windows on the buses will be kept open to increase ventilation as weather permits.

Home of the Knights

Inglewood Athletics by Season 2021-2022

Athletic Registration:

All registration is done online now. Please visit     (see directions below)

Athletic Registration – Tips and Tricks


Final Forms is the platform that LWSD is using to register students to participate in Interscholastic athletics.  In the LWSD all Middle School students who fill out the forms, pay the fees and are cleared by their doctor will be placed on a team. 

Things to keep in mind when using Final Forms For Registration:

  • Go to scroll down to “registration process” to access Final Forms and begin the process
  • There are many forms that parents need to sign (more than one page so make sure to scroll all the way down on every page)
  • There is a section for students to sign (they need to create a log-in and then sign the many pages they have as well)
  • Print the physical then have your doctor sign it – once it is signed please download it into Final Forms or bring it to the ASB office.
  • Make sure to pay the ASB fee (one time a year) and the season fee (there is a individual and family cap) – you can do this on line or at the ASB office

Things to keep in mind with Final Forms as the season begins:

  • Coaches often will email parents and students with reminders / schedule changes – please make sure that Final Forms isn’t sent to spam or junk folders as you will be receiving critical information through this system
  • Attendance is live – so if your student late / absent you will be notified by email from Final Forms
  • Final Forms and Skyward do not work together – if your student is gone from school Final Forms doesn’t know that and will still generate an “absent email” – excused / unexcused are the same and don’t impact school attendance
  • Do not call the attendance line if your student will be absent from Athletics.  Please email their coach – NOTE they will still be marked absent and you will still get an email (that is just part of the system).

Refund Policy: 100% refund will be provided under the following conditions: Inglewood has a NO CUT policy. Everyone makes a team.

  • Student quits due to illness or injury prior to first contest
  • Student quits due to family moving prior to first contest
  • Refunds must be requested prior to the end of the sports season.