Math Pathways

All students at Inglewood Middle School will take 6th+ math.
As students progress through Inglewood Middle School, they will have two math pathway options.

At the beginning of the 4th quarter of 6th grade, we will provide families with the student's grades, SBA scores, and our recommendation for 7th graders for 7th+ math or Algebra 1 in order to support students and families in making a choice. 


Math Course Descriptions

The following diagram helps to illustrate how the math pathway in middle school leads to math courses in high school. It is important to check your high school course catalog for additional math courses offered and any prerequisites listed for course enrollment. Course catalogs are available on each high school’s website.

Eastlake High School Course Catalog can be found here.

Flow chart of the math pathways

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It is important for families to consider the recommendations provided by the school, as well as other factors to determine if Algebra 1 is the most appropriate next step in 7th Grade.

Students in Algebra have been successful when they are:

  • Capable of abstract reasoning and application of concepts
  • Diligent in both study skills and homework completion
  • Able to work through difficult and challenging problems
  • Motivated to learn new mathematical concepts
  • Able to ask for help

Having a strong successful foundation in mathematics is important to future coursework. As always, partnering with you for the well-being and success of your student is important to us. Please contact the school if you have any questions.

image of equations
Additional Math support:

Students can use the links below to practice math skills and get help on math problems.

    Online site that allows students to practice specific areas of math (student log-in required)
  • Big Ideas
    Math curriculum for Algebra and Geometry (student log-in required)
  • IXL Math 
    IXL Math is a personalized learning program that cover a comprehensive curriculum of adaptive skills. Students can earn awards and prizes as they learn and answer questions.
  • Khan Academy
    Online site that allows students to practice specific areas of math (student log-in required)
Picture of a student doing homework