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Friday, April 20, 2018

Do you know an outstanding teacher or staff member at Inglewood? The PTSA is collecting nominations for their annual Outstanding Educator Award. Students are encouraged to nominate a staff member who has been motivational, inspiring, or just a great person to be around. Make sure to describe why you feel the person is deserving of the award. Nomination forms can be found in the ASB office or on the PTSA website.

Attention all Honor Society Members: Community Service hours are due on April 25th. Also, you may turn in your hours early if you’ve completed them already. Please turn your completed community service form to Mrs. Paul in room 245. Thank you.

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Upcoming SBA Test Dates:

5/8 Math CAT

5/10 Math PT

5/15 ELA CAT

5/17 ELA PT

5/22 Grade 8 Science MSP & Math

ALICE Training 3.8.2018

Bell Schedule Starting 11-6-2017

Pre-Arranged Absence Form

Aerial Picture of IMS Bus Parking Lot

Navigating the New Parking Lot Layout Click HERE for video!

Bird's Eye View of new Parking Flow

The capacity to drop-off and pick up students at Inglewood has been dramatically expanded. Some of the features of the new layout:
• Separate bus / automobile lanes – Increase on-time delivery of kids by both cars and buses
• 50% increase of “car queuing space” – Less traffic back-up onto NE 8th
• 500% increase in curb-side drop-off area – more efficient drop-off and better traffic flow
• A left hand through traffic lane – No more waiting behind a car that are slower at drop-off
• Less student/traffic interaction – increase in student safety.
We think that these changes will dramatically improve a driver’s experience when dropping their child off. You may want to drive the parking lot before the first day of school so that you are familiar with the changes that we made.
PLEASE DO NOT drop-off your child from the left-hand lane. This will cause your child to interact with cars and block traffic. Children leaving cars from the left hand lane will be taught the reasons not to do this. If a student continues exiting the vehicle from the left lane, the student could eventually face school discipline. This is a child safety issue.