Crosswalk Safety

Crossing Guards expected on duty 7:20-7:40am


Perhaps the greatest responsibility for school pedestrian safety lies with the individual driver. Pedestrians have the right-of-way in a crosswalk, marked or not, and the driver must stop to allow pedestrians to cross. Motorists must exercise extreme caution in school zones and along the route to school.


A student’s personal responsibility for his or her own safety as a pedestrian or bicyclist cannot be over-emphasized. The child must understand and follow the instructions given for walking and biking to and from school. Children develop life-saving pedestrian and bicycle skills and awareness through practice under the supervision of educated adults who model safe pedestrian and bicycle behaviors

Crossing Guard Signals to Drivers

Icons of people holding stop sign at various levels: ground, waist level, up in the air, chest level
1. Stop sign down: no students waiting to cross. However, the responsibility is still yours as a driver to watch for pedestrians in crosswalks.

2. Stop sign across our bodies: students need to cross during the next green crosswalk light. Please do not block the crosswalks.

3. Stop sign twisting up in air: this is a warning that the crosswalk light is about to turn green and students will be crossing soon. Do not enter the intersection and absolutely do no block the crosswalks!

4. Whistles are blowing and guards are in the crosswalk with hand extended:

Traffic Info

Information on why drivers need to pull forward when waiting to pick up students